Ronald-Reagan-federal--buil.jpgAllow JKB To Help You Be Better Prepared

  • Well prepared and coordinated written specifications are necessary for a successful construction project.  
  • Specifiers bring a unique expertise to the design and construction process.  


  • It is always best for the specifier to be a part of the project team from start-up.  
  • Look to JKB Architectural Specifications LLC for your architectural specification needs.

“We have the knowledge and expertise necessary to be flexible, to provide quality written documents, and material information.”


JKB Architectural Specifications, LLC is a specification consulting firm that serves architects, engineers, contractors, facility managers, other industry consultants, and public agencies who need written documents prepared by specialists proficient with construction documents organization, construction materials and methods, and production aids.

We offer specialized experience that contributes to the overall success of a project. Our staff is pro-active and will take the initiative in requesting information and in advising the client on choices, decisions, and options within firm’s area of responsibility.

We are members of the following associations:

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 Construction Specifications
  U.S. Green Building Council
   Specification Consultants in
Independent Practice
  ASTM International
  American Institute of Architects
Associate Member