News & Technical Tidbits

“Woodwork Institute and Architectural Woodwork Institute have joined together to produce one woodworking standard for the industry.  The new standard is the Architectural Woodwork Standard (AWS) with the first issue published in Fall of 2009." For more info....

11/04/2016 Updated Carpet Standard
Carpet and Rug Institute
09/20/2011 New Tile Standards
New TCNA Handbook for Ceramic, Glass, and Stone Tile Installations 2011 (48th Edition)
06/14/2011 Updated carpet standard
CRI has updated it's CRI Carpet Installation Standard - now for 2011
01/01/2011 New California Code
CALGreen - 2010 California Green Building Standards Code will be implemented on January 1, 2011.
06/02/2010 New Standard For Specifying Tile Installations
ISO 13007 is a new performance based standard that takes the guesswork out of specifying the right mortar and grout for the right application.
03/13/2010 New Carpet Installation Standard
As of October 1, 2009...
03/13/2010 Classifications Change
AAMA has changed itís classifications for grade types.
03/01/2010 Ten Aphorisms For Specifiers by Rolf T. Retz, FCSI
A solid list of do's and don'ts...
03/01/2010 Architectural Specifications
A list of what architectural specifications provide for, you, the client.
02/25/2010 Vapor Emission Problems
The moisture problems in buildings are costing the construction industry billions of dollars in repairs, as well as contributing to sick buildings and workersí compensation claims.